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Rock Formations on the Beach


Hi there! In Summer 2024, 18 year old Harry Besley is going to attempt to travel around the UK on a Rigid Inflatable Boat, a RIB; but not with a traditional outboard engine – with an electric one!

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Climate Emergency

Electric propulsion systems have been around for a while and are developing all the time. Power boat users can now seriously consider transitioning to zero emission propulsion and our Challenge will allow anyone interested to come along and have a look at an electric RIB at over 40 locations around the UK and Northern Ireland. 

Zero emission propulsion reduces the use of fossil fuels but also reduces water and noise pollution. 

Come and see us at one of our STOP Locations!




You can get involved with a simple donation for any amount you can afford, or you can 'Enter the Prize Draw' for a £25 donation. The winner will be treated to a superb JetBoard experience for two from ASAPWatercraft.

If you'd like to have your name or a message printed on the console, then please sign up to 'Get Your Name on the Console' for a £100 donation.

The entire project labour costs are being donated for free so it's the boat, kit and equipment that needs funding. All surplus funds will be donated to a maritime charity after the event..... but not before we sell everything in our final kit auction!

Shore Power and Charging

We can charge using a wide variety of shore power connections. The larger the connection the faster the charge. 

Standard marina facilities provide an AC supply but as with electric cars, a faster charge can be delivered from a DC fast charger. Where we can, we will be charging at DC chargers which have already been installed at some marinas in the UK.

To speed up our charging time at others where only an AC supply is available we will be taking a mobile DC charger with us. This can connect to a standard 3 phase shore power socket and can charge at rates of up to 40kW. 

Follow the Adventure

Once we set off keep an eye on our Live Tracker to find our where and when we will be stopping, who the host Charity is and who the VIP Sponsor is for that Location. 


To explore the topic of zero emission propulsion in more detail please look at our Resources page to download FREE Key Stage 2 Educational Activity Packs courtesy of Jordan Wiley at Expedition STEM and our videos on an Introduction to Zero Emission Propulsion courtesy of Bournemouth and Poole College.  

fund Us

Make this Challenge a reality with an upfront donation or help us during the Challenge to raise funds for marine conservation.

spread the word

Follow and share our story on social media. 

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support US AT a STOP Location

If you are a local to one of our STOP Locations, you can support by coming along to see us when we stop there to charge.  

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