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We are using two approaches to raise money for Charities. The first is though our direct online fundraising and Kit Auction, when we will auction or sell as much of the Challenge kit as possible. The second is through our relationship with our Shoreside Collecting Charities who will be at each of our STOP locations to raise money for their own use.

We will be publishing a live boat tracker which will help predict the arrival times for the vessel at each location so those interested in coming down to see the vessel will be able to work out the timings. 

Back of a group of volunteers

This is a non-profit activity, no wages are being paid and all funds will be directed towards achieving our core objectives: raising the profile of the innovators and investors in the sector, building public awareness of products in the market, developing and sharing knowledge and skills, supporting marine charities and ultimately leaving a legacy for the future.

The Kit Auction

Funds we raise in the build up to the Challenge from Sponsors and private donations will be used to cover direct project costs and to fund the upfront purchase costs for kit and equipment.

All the kit we secure through purchase or donations that can be sold afterwards will be listed in our Kit Auction and all proceeds will go to one or two Charities agreed between us and our headline Sponsors. 

Even when we have secured all the kit we need we will continue with our direct Project fundraising throughout the duration of the pre-Challenge campaign and during the Challenge itself in order to try to raise as much money for these Charities as we can.


So, all surplus direct Project funds will also be donated to these Charities as well.

These main Charities will be announced in due course but if you are interested in pitching please do get in touch by emailing

Pile of Boxes

Shoreside Collecting

One of our Shoreside Collecting Charities will be at each of our STOP Locations to fund raise. These charities support us with critical services, through our Royal Navy and Armed Forces but also most importantly for an island nation, in the marine environment. They also support the development of maritime knowledge and skills within our young people and the wider community.

We do hope that our event will enable them to raise funds and awareness of the good work they do. Thank you to them all.

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