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If you enjoy water based activities and spend time on the sea or at the beach you may be keen to reduce the noise pollution of traditional engines, or to reduce the impact of petrol spillage (which leaves that thin blue film on the surface), or you may be interested in reducing our dependency on petrol, or about underwater noise pollution and the impact on sea life. 

All of these are good reasons to support the transition to a more sustainable future for leisure powerboating and to welcome the dawn of zero emissions propulsion. Remember, the boat manufacturers and harbours and ports need confidence that there is public demand – help us to show them that there is.

This is a non-profit activity, and all funds will be directed towards achieving our core objectives, raising the profile of the innovators and investors in the sector, developing and sharing knowledge and skills, supporting marine charities and ultimately leaving a legacy for the future.


Industry Sponsors

If you are in the industry and would like to discuss Sponsorship options with us please get in touch with the project team below. 

We are currently developing our Sponsors packages for all aspects of the Challenge, including navigation and safety on board systems, on the water personal equipment and clothing, ground based accommodation and EV charging, ground based merchandise and clothing, insurance and charging accessories etc.

Support a Location

Support your nearest STOP Location and help use the Round Britain eRIB Challenge to deliver a permanent eBoat charger and leave a lasting legacy…. 


If you are a local or regular visitor to one of our STOP Locations, you might be able to support your Harbour Master in getting the required infrastructure installed so that the Round Britain eRIB Challenge can leave you a legacy for electric boat users.


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Get involved by following and sharing our story on social media. 

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support a Location

If you are a local or regular visitor to one of our STOP Locations, you can express your support for the installation of an eBoat charging facility, which may help your Location consider a more permanent charging solution.

Support Us

If you are able to Sponsor us in our efforts to to drive a more sustainable future for leisure boating and would like to add your support to the Challenge then have a look at the Support Us page.

Other Ways to Support Us

Support the development of the Challenge Boat and help make this mission a reality, raising the profile of all aspects of eBoating, showcasing the latest technologies, driving up customer confidence and encouraging a step change in the use of zero emission propulsion.


If you are keen to see it for yourself, maybe experience the thrill of the electric thrust over the water, get your name on the Challenge boat or simply come and chat to us at our STOP Locations (while we’re charging!), then have a look at our fundraising offers and get in touch for us to chat about it.

Invest £5,000 to put your company logo on the boat and clothing, tags in our social media posts, and more…

You will also benefit from the rights of first access to the Challenge boat at a chosen STOP location. 

*subject to availability.


Invest £1,000 to see your company or family name on our sponsors page, support team T-shirts, the right to use our logo, to describe yourself as a Silver Sponsor for the Challenge, add a link through to our website and receive an invite to see us at a chosen STOP Location.