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Hi there! In Summer 2024, our skipper Harry Besley is going to attempt to travel around the UK on a Rigid Inflatable Boat, a RIB; but we don’t want to use a traditional outboard engine – we want to use an electric one.

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What's It All About

To make this World Record attempt possible we need to accelerate the rate of change in the boating industry, both in terms of available eBoat charging, but also the desire for the industry to invest in appropriate boat designs.

With limited fast eBoat charging available boat manufacturers are reluctant to bring new products to market; with limited customers, harbours and ports are wary to invest in upgrading their charging infrastructure. 

We want to try to break this cycle, but we need your help.

About Us

We have a strong core team with a wide range of skills and experience. Our Project Manager, Jaqui Besley, comes from a management background and has years of experience in outdoor activities and on the water. Our Safety and Passage Support advisor, Jim Thomas, has over 20 years experience as an RNLI helm and our Skipper Harry Besley has been driving boats since before he could walk.


Our Mission 

Our World Record attempt will showcase some of the technologies which are leading the market in zero emission propulsion and will help develop knowledge, skills and infrastructure at approx. 40 locations around the UK.

Our Mission is to develop the knowledge and understanding of the requirements for eBoat charging and to demonstrate the capability of an electric propulsion system. 

Our Beliefs

Harry believes that powerboats need to stop using fossil fuels. This is his way of having an impact. An initiative that will lead the way in inspiring collaboration between companies, organisations and people to help drive change. Harry's role is the skipper of the Challenge boat, marketing and passage planning, including actions to mitigate risk and maximise safety.

Harry will be 17 when he attempts the record. His youth gives him the perspective of someone whose future is at risk, and he’s serious about making this Challenge a reality. 

“I believe that we cause too much damage to the world, and I want to change that. I wanted to do something that people will remember, something that would have an impact. If we are successful then this project might help change the future of the leisure marine industry forever.”

Infrastructure Project 

Before we can set off on the Challenge, we need to know what charging infrastructure will be available for us at each of our STOP Locations. The time required to charge will depend on the size of the Challenge boat batteries, the drain from the previous leg, the capacity of the charging socket and other technical considerations.

As with Electric Vehicles there are basic, fast, super fast and rapid marine chargers already on the market and in some cases already installed. But to create a ‘daisy chain’ of charging solutions around the UK by the Summer of 2023, we will require an approach that is fit for purpose for each location. We will be aiming for an approx. 3 hour charging window at as many of the STOP locations as possible so that we can achieve coverage of approx. 100-150nm in a day.

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We need to get our story out there so that the STOP Locations and the manufacturers can see and feel the public support for change, and are inspired to take action. Tell us how an eBoat charging facility might benefit you, your club or your business at one of our STOP Locations.

Like, share and re-post our social media content and help build our campaign…. we need to give businesses and organisations the confidence to invest in a more sustainable future for the leisure boat market. 


Check out the Support Us page for options.

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Get involved by following and sharing our story on social media. 

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support a Location

If you are a local or regular visitor to one of our STOP Locations, you can express your support for the installation of an eBoat charging facility, which may help your Location consider a more permanent charging solution.

Support Us

If you are able to Sponsor us in our efforts to to drive a more sustainable future for leisure boating and would like to add your support to the Challenge then have a look at the Support Us page.

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