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Here is a little more info on our team members, who are all playing a vital role in making this project possible. If you want to get involved contact us at

Harry Besley


This is Harry. A young skipper with a passion for the marine environment. He has been boating since the age of 3, building skills, knowledge and experience and developing into a competent and qualified skipper. Harry's passion for the environment started the Round Britain eRIB project, sparked by his drive for a finding an alternative to the fossil fuels used in conventional leisure boats.


He has his NPLQ Lifeguarding, PB2, VHF, Sea Survival, Intermediate Power Boating and CCF Leadership qualifications and will, by the summer, have Advanced Power Boating.


Harry is continually expanding his experience driving RIBs, aiming to go further afield, in rougher conditions and using a variety of vessels. He is always learning, gaining experience and perfecting the skills he will need to be the first and youngest skipper to circumnavigate Britain in an electric powerboat.

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Harry Besley

Passage Planning, Marketing,





Jaqui Besley

Project Management, Infrastructure Project




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