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We are hugely grateful to our early Sponsors who have provided us with support and encouragement to push ahead with this project.  

We are very keen though to include additional commercial partners who have an interest in developing this market, such as eBoat and zero emission propulsion manufacturers. This is an industry wide initiative and there is room for all our British innovative brands to be highlighted through our Challenge.

Boats in the Bay


The world-leading marine clothing manufacturers were keen to jump on board and support this enterprising green initiative, aligned with their intent to 'inspire the next generation of adventurers, to push boundaries and challenge the norm'. 


"It’s been really interesting to learn about Harry’s challenge and the complexities associated with it. It’s such an important issue that needs attention and we have a huge amount of admiration for what he is doing. We hope this is the start of positive change in the marine industry and will show people that it is possible to still enjoy being out on the water without negatively impacting the marine environment. The path to true sustainability is a long one, but together we can play our part in protecting the environment.”

Rachel Pratt - Senior Marketing Manager


Since its founding in 2008, Designwerk has been driving electromobility forward with innovative products and projects, aiming to spread sustainable mobility. The company acts both as a think tank for electromobility and as a development and production company. Designwerk combines innovative development work with premium engineering services, intelligent industrial design, pioneer mentality and reliable Swiss quality.


"Designwerk founders developed a passion for electric mobility during an 80-day, all-electric world record circumnavigation with a specially developed Zerotracer cabin motorcycle. Since its founding in 2008, Designwerk have developed a range of innovative products and is proud to be supporting Harry in this epic Challenge!"

Stefan Porten - Sales Manager Chargers


Bournemouth and Poole College

Bournemouth and Poole College have invested in brand new electrical Propulsion equipment and training resources, including engines, helm training and testing materials. Some of their Green Skills resources will be freely available on the Round Britain eRIB website to help engage young people in understanding the technologies involved in the green marine revolution.


“We’re really pleased to be supporting this exciting adventure. As a college, we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of marine education and working with local and national employers. We hope this inspires both young and old to learn more about the marine industries of the UK, the importance of sustainability and how both can work together to make a difference.”

David Massieu-King - Business Development Manager



With five production sites, over 50 sales companies and around 1,400 employees worldwide, the VULKAN Group is a technology and market leader in the marine, industrial and energy sectors as well as refrigeration and air conditioning.


"Vulkan are happy to support Harry on his Round Britain voyage and are already working on some interesting projects in the field of Electric/Hybrid propulsion. This Challenge will hopefully promote these projects for us as well as the eRIB challenge itself!"

Adrian Birkin - Managing Director


Lyme Regis Town Council

As our home port and our START and FINISH Location we are delighted that LRTC have embraced the opportunity to get behind the project and support us.


“Lyme Regis Town Council is delighted to support Round Britain eRib team. We look forward to this project playing an important role in decarbonising the marine sector – both by overcoming the technical and logistical problems, and by raising publicity"


“It is vital that the world stops burning fossil fuels. Climate change is already impacting coastal communities around the world, and our children will face more severe consequences. It is fitting that a teenager will be the skipper on this challenge around our coast, highlighting the need for change and demonstrating an environmental alternative"


“We are really excited that the Round Britain eRIB Challenge will be start and finish in Lyme Regis, and we wish Harry and his team well.”

Cllr Philip May - Vice-chairman of the Environment Committee

There is space for more...

If you are interested in sponsoring the Round Britain eRIB challenge please contact Jaqui our Project Manager, on +44 7970 173155 or

We need sponsors for:

  • General funding

  • Satellite communications  

  • Navigation and boat equipment

  • Charging accessories

  • Ground support 

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