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These are the companies and organisations we are working with to help make this Challenge a reality. 

Their insight, support and guidance has enabled us to create a selection of Charging Options for our STOP Locations.

Have a look at the Our Locations page for more information.

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British Ports Association 

The British Ports Association is the national body for ports and harbours, representing over 400 facilities that collectively facilitate 85% of vessel movements in and out of the UK. The BPA is committed to supporting the UK and devolved governments deliver a policy framework that enables all ports to thrive by promoting good port management and governance. The BPA’s secretariat also facilitates a wide range of services and is the go-to body for ports policy and information.

This is an exciting initiative which will raise the focus both on the potential for electric vessels and also, we hope, shine the spotlight on the diverse range of ports and harbours that are located around the British Isles.

It’s an amazing attempt. We wish Harry the best of luck and look forward to seeing how the UK ports industry will support his endeavour!

Richard Ballantyne OBE - Chief Executive, British Ports Association

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UK Harbour Masters Association

The Harbour Masters’ Association of the United Kingdom, The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (UKHMA) was formed in May 1993 at an inaugural meeting held at the University of Wales in Cardiff. The organisation is a unique professional body consisting of harbour masters, port marine operations officers, harbour managers, commercial bodies that serve the port sector, and other appropriate personnel and organisations.

“The UK Harbour Masters Association represents Harbour Masters and Marina facility managers across the UK, the Isle of Man and the crown dependencies. The provision of alternative , sustainable fuels and developing new technologies to the benefit of Harbour users is at the forefront of our national strategy. As such we are pleased to support this exciting challenge and learn from any outcomes – good and bad, which we hope will lead to improved development and provision of alternative and sustainable fuel and energy sources such as sustainably sourced electric charging at Harbour and Marina facilities across the UK.

Good Luck with the Challenge!”

Ashley Nicholson MBE - President UKHMA

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British Marine

British Marine are clear that there is a new drive and commitment to look at technology, materials, propulsion, green energy and design in the marine sector, this drive being not only to reduce environmental impact but also reflect the changing face of recreational water sports and leisure.

“British Marine are delighted to be supporting this exciting new initiative highlighting our industries capabilities, identifying our areas of strength, but also those areas in which more has to be done in order to stimulate environmental change and facilitate the take up of green technologies in the future. “

Ross Wombwell - Head of Technical Services


One of the RYA Key Objectives (Page 3 Executive Summary) is to Influence Stakeholders, further described as Clubs, Training Centres, Members and Partners.

The approach to achieving this is through a number of themes, most relevant to this project are:

  • Inspiring, informing and enabling members to embed sustainability and take positive action

  • Developing a Zero Carbon Pathway, powering up through the use of renewables and specific reference is made to the recreational boating sector

  • Influencing through Procurement and Partnerships, aligning member benefits and sponsorship deals with sustainability objectives

“The RYA is pleased to support the eRIB Round Britain challenge. Promoting zero-carbon boating is a key element of the RYA’s sustainability strategy and carbon pathway to zero and this challenge will demonstrate the state-of-the art and help to develop the required infrastructure. I wish the project every success!”


Phil Horton - Sustainability Manager

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