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Our Mission

“The Recreational Marine Industry in the United Kingdom has always been a world leader, from design and manufacture to the development of technology and materials and as such, we have the resource, knowledge and ability to lead the way in the global challenge of protecting the marine environment.”

British Marine National Environmental Roadmap May 2020

Our World Record attempt will showcase some of the technologies which are leading the market in zero emission propulsion and will help develop knowledge, skills and infrastructure at approx. 40 locations around the UK.


Should our STOP Locations opt for permanent installations, then these harbours, ports and marinas would lead the way by offering eBoat charging facilities in Summer 2023. Up to 100 RYA organisations and 60 British Marine member businesses local to these Locations would then be able to access this charging infrastructure and could either purchase and utilise, or develop and commercialise zero emission vessels for use in their local waters. 


Mission Objectives

Help Us Achieve This

If you are interested in helping to enable more sustainable boating in the future and would like to add your support to our overall mission then have a look at the Support Us page.

Want to know more?

Visit the Our Location  page to get a better insight into how we are going to prepare our STOP Locations for the Challenge. 

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Check out the Stakeholders Page to see how this Challenge supports the Strategies of key industry bodies and what they are doing to help us.

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