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Our Mission

“The Recreational Marine Industry in the United Kingdom has always been a world leader, from design and manufacture to the development of technology and materials and as such, we have the resource, knowledge and ability to lead the way in the global challenge of protecting the marine environment.”

British Marine National Environmental Roadmap May 2020

Our World Record attempt will showcase some of the technologies which are leading the market in zero emission propulsion and will help develop knowledge, skills and infrastructure at approx. 40 locations around the UK.


Those harbours, ports and marinas that have permanent fast charger installations are leading the way by offering eBoat charging facilities. Up to 100 RYA organisations and 60 British Marine member businesses local to our STOP Locations will be able to see how to commercialise zero emission vessels for use in their local waters. 


Mission Objectives


This project intends to help the marine industry move towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We want to accelerate the change and encourage the industry to invest. By using this media campaign we should be able to generate market demand in the eMarine sector, giving manufacturers confidence to make investments in new products, and harbours and ports a customer base to service.


We will showcase our Sponsors, the companies who are driving positive change in the market and who have made early investments towards zero emission propulsion and marine charging technologies. We will invite boat and marine specialists to visit us while we charge and will maintain an active media presence whilst we overcome the inevitable issues which we will face from working with brand new technologies.


Whilst the eMarine revolution has started, it is still in its infancy. Industry bodies and organisations are not sure on the future direction: battery or hydrogen, lithium iron phosphate or lithium-ion, traditional propeller or jet, V-shaped hull or foils, etc. Battery propulsion technology and dockside battery charging will certainly feature in some form however, and we will invite marine engineers, Harbour Masters, boat builders and other trades to visit.


We are making two record attempts. These record attempts will leave a statement with regard to the 2024 capabilities of electric boating and shore side charging, and will set the bar for future attempts. As this is leading edge technology and we are making the attempt with a young skipper, there are two elements to this and either, none, or both, could be successful.


We will test the capabilities of an electric boat further than ever before. In changeable sea conditions affected by wind, tides, currents and headlands; with non-stop and consecutive charge and discharge cycles. This Challenge will allow our commercial and academic Partners to collect and analyse data to review performance, and input to models and simulations to improve future electric boat systems and designs.


Highlighting the importance of driving change in the marine industry is one thing, but we want to do more. As with the EV revolution, there will be issues with infrastructure capacity at a number of our STOP locations. Our Challenge will raise awareness of the need to plan for an increase in electrical consumption and the importance of developing a capacity management strategy. Micro generation and battery storage are all part of the future for harbours and ports. 

Help Us Achieve This

If you are interested in helping to enable more sustainable boating in the future and would like to add your support to our overall mission then have a look at the Support Us page.

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