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Round Britain eRIB Newsletter

29 Nov 2022

It has been a really busy couple of months - thanks to all our STOP Locations for helping us work out a charging plan!

Round Britain eRIB Newsletter

It has been a really busy couple of months - thanks to all our STOP Locations for helping us work out a charging plan!


Lyme Regis Town Council became our first GOLD level sponsor as part of their commitment to supporting the evolution of the eMarine sector. Harry is pictured here on The Cobb at Lyme with local Powerboat instructor Jim Thomas.


Other News

British Marine announced their support for our Challenge in September across a number of social media channels and have provided valuable technical input as well as contacts in the sector. British Marine are committed to leading the Industry in the change to a more sustainable future and we are delighted that they are supporting our Challenge.

The RYA have been supporting the Challenge project behind the scenes since it's inception and at the Southampton Boat Show Harry signed up to the Green Blue Pledge with RYA Sustainability Manager Phil Horton.

Evidence of the water pollution caused by traditional engines was evident here when compared to an electric outboard for just 30 minutes running time. Less obvious, but still an important issue is the impact of underwater noise pollution. Click on the link below to read what has to say...

The Impact of Noise Pollution


Charging Options 

We are delighted to announce that around ten of our STOP locations are now in discussion with our infrastructure Partner ROLEC Services Ltd. about potential installations of eBoat charging pedestals. These 22kW Type 2 AC chargers will enable a 2 hour charge of a 40kWh battery through a standard CCS2 connection .... just time for a relaxing lunch break before an afternoon back out on the water!  We also plan to showcase the developing marina DC charging network along the South Coast which is being implemented by AquaSuperPower. For those locations who have a basic marina 63A 3 phase connection already in place, we intend to use an innovative piece of British engineering which enables us to convert this standard AC connection to a Type 2 EV/eBoat hook up.  And in addition, we are planning a number of on water top up charges from a portable/modular battery which will be used as a range extender.


The Round Britain eRIB challenge is an environmental project aiming to support leisure and small commercial operators in the marine industry in their transition to a more sustainable future. The Challenge involves a 17 year old RIB skipper attempting to drive an electric boat around the coast of Britain in Summer 2023. This will demonstrate the capabilities of electric propulsion systems for use in UK Coastal waters.

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