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Welcome to the first Round Britain eRIB Newsletter

8 Sept 2022

Thanks for signing up to our Newsletter!

Here is some insight into how things have been developing over the last few months. Feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions.

Round Britain eRIB Newsletter

Thanks for signing up to our Newsletter!

Here is some insight into how things have been developing over the last few months. Feel free to get in touch with any comments or questions.

ROLEC Partnership

Our Partnership with ROLEC Services Ltd. means that our STOP Locations will be offered Direct Sales Support from a ROLEC senior executive. For a wide range of harbours, ports and marinas, this may provide a step towards the creation of a network of eBoat charging provision around Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Other News

In early July we completed our initial feasibility survey of our Passage Plan and STOP Locations. We received such a positive and supportive response from all Locations and even when they were unable to support us themselves, all were able to suggest alternatives. So, after a number of changes and re-routing exercises we have pretty much firmed up on 39 STOP Locations.

Our skipper Harry and our powerboat specialist Jim Thomas have been on a number of training passages this Summer, including a non stop round trip from Lyme Regis to Dartmouth and back in force 4/5 conditions. They experienced what could be very similar conditions to one of our legs in the Passage - driving for four hours in pretty choppy seas! More hours of on-the-water experience logged, and many thanks to Rod and Arlene for the use of their boat.

Harry has also been working on building up his accredited qualifications and has now completed his VHF training, sea survival and most recently his NPLQ Lifeguarding qualification at Dartmouth Royal Naval College. This was a tough and intensive course which taught him how to manage emergencies in and around the water environment.

These are important qualifications which are part of the safety plan for the Round Britain eRIB challenge.

The Green Tech Boat Show at Queen Anne's Battery Marina in Plymouth allowed us to have a look at some exciting Green Marine innovations. Some of the developments on display were the RS Electric RIB, the super sleek PIXII electric powerboat, the ePropulsion inboard and the first generation Vita electric RIB.

To to advise our STOP Locations on what our Charging Options are, we invested significant time in thinking through the most cost effective options.

Our thanks go to Paul Holland at Energy Solutions who has been instrumental in helping us identify the mobile equipment and adaptors which we will need.

We are planning to access 3 -phase shoreside supplies using a Type 2 connection into a CCS2 socket on the Challenge vessel. The CCS2 socket also allows us to connect to a DC fast charger at Locations where this facility is available.

Over the last few months our Instagram and Facebook pages have been slowly picking up followers, and soon we will start posting on YouTube as well, so be sure to keep an eye out for our new YouTube channel!


What's Next?

In the next few months we will be focusing on supporting our STOP Locations in finalising their Charging Plans, developing our relationships with potential commercial sponsors and completing more on-the-water training.

Stay up to date with what's going on by following our platforms below.

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The Round Britain eRIB challenge is an environmental project aiming to support leisure and small commercial operators in the marine industry in their transition to a more sustainable future. The Challenge involves a 17 year old RIB skipper attempting to drive an electric boat around the coast of Britain in Summer 2023. This will demonstrate the capabilities of electric propulsion systems for use in UK Coastal waters.

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